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Pink Djinn; Be Careful What You Wish For

I received this glorious bottle of Dorothy Parker Rose Petal Gin made by the New York Distilling Company for my birthday from my dear friend and Chief Mixing Officer over at Grade "A" Fancy. I was delighted as spring in New York always makes me want to drink flowers, but how best to incorporate the flavor of rose in a cocktail that won't taste like soap or pot pourri?

I looked to the East for inspiration and decided I had to make pistachio orgeat and from there used the formula for the tiki classic Saturn cocktail as a blueprint, fleshing it out in the exotic flavors of the Middle East. I wished for a tasty rose cocktail and was surprised at how delicious this turned out and now I've blown through more than half my beautiful bottle of gin in the span of a week! Be careful what you wish for! I've dubbed it Pink Djinn, not to be confused with Pink Gin, as a nod to the Arabian flavors and having my wish granted.

Pink Djinn

1.5 oz Dorothy Parker Rose Petal Gin

.75 oz pistachio orgeat

.75 oz lime juice

.25 oz grenadine

.25 lychee liqueur

3 dashes Peychaud's bitters

3 drops cardamom bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice except the cardamom bitters, strain into a cocktail glass (or magic lamp) filled with fresh ice and sprinkle cardamom bitters on the surface.

Make a wish!


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